our program

We were established in 2018 with the goal of bringing the Player Factory philosophy of LEARN FIRST. DOMINATE LATER! to Las Vegas.  Our primary goal is to help our players get ready for the next level.  Whether that next level is little league, high school and even college we are here for development

All Teams practice twice a week for 1:30-2:00 hours on the field, and 1:00-1:30 hours cages (total of 8 practice a month).  Rain outs and Federal Holidays will try to be made up but not guaranteed. Monthly dues will cover these practices.

Youth teams will play 2 tournaments a month or 3 tournaments in a two-month span.  Majority of the tournaments are local, but tournaments can be in California, Arizona, and Utah.  Central state tournaments are also possible but will be decided by each individual team.  In lieu of tournaments some teams may participate in a Weekly League.  This will be determined by the coach.  All tournament fees are extra cost. 


There is also a registration fee that is due August of each year.  The registration fee covers administration fee, website, insurance, equipment, field rentals, umpire fee for scrimmages and other expenses. 


Uniforms purchase will be mandatory.  You will be required to purchase practice shirts, and hats and three jerseys.  Jerseys can take up to 2 weeks to get.  It is imperative to order uniforms when told.  Both grey and white pants (with piping) will be required.  Pants can be purchased from our online store. PF baseball helmets are also a requirement.

All fees will be automatically withdrawn, and a receipt will be sent via email of each charged transaction.  All transactions are subject to credit card fee by Player Factory Admin.


If you have a sibling in any level of Player Factory, your 2nd player will be 1/2 price on club fee only. You will only pay one monthly set price while both are active in Player Factory. Registration and tournament payments is still required for each individual sibling.